Rock Climbing 101-Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing 101-Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing

Date: June 02 - June 03, 2018

Course Category: Rock Climbing 101-Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing    

Location: North Carolina

Instructor: Peter Oas

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This is hands down our most popular course! The two day course is ideal for people wanting to learn the foundational skills to set up top ropes and begin climbing rock by themselves. This course teaches the solid set of skills needed to get out and start rock climbing and is a mix of ground school lessons along with lots of actual rock climbing!

We cover everything from climbing movement and correct belaying techniques to creating top rope set ups and anchors to climbing equipment selection, use and storage. We have created this course to set up the participant for our more in depth Rock Climbing 201 and specialized Intermediate Level Courses such as the Single Pitch Rescue and Lead Climbing Courses.

Topics Covered:

  • Climbing movement and bouldering skills
  • Knots and rope work skills
  • Belaying and rappelling, communication in climbing
  • Climbing equipment showing you what you need, what you don’t need as well as looking at storage and proper use
  • Creating anchors using Natural components (trees, boulders) and bolt anchors for top rope climbing set ups
  • Reading climbing topos and deciphering climbing grades
  • Leave no Trace wilderness skills, climbing history and ethics
  • Debunking common myths in climbing and climbing equipment
  • Lots of Climbing!

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