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Why You Should Tie In with the Figure Eight Knot

May 19, 2020 fmg-adminRock Climbing Uncategorized

Do you remember the first time you ever went rock climbing? Everything is new: slipping into a harness, buckling down your helmet, shoving your feet into small climbing shoes, and tying into a rope. When you learned to tie into the rope, your teacher probably told you a story about choking aliens, punching cyclops, or following a race car track to help you tie the “figure eight” knot. Then you likely learned how to retrace the figure eight to create a figure eight “follow-through.” But were you ever taught WHY we typically use the figure eight knot when there is a myriad of other knots that we could use to tie ourselves into a climbing rope? Some are even simpler and easier to learn than the figure eight. So let’s dive into a few advantages of the figure eight knot:

Easily recognizable - If tied and dressed properly, it should be really easy to count five sets of parallel lines. Because of the knot’s natural symmetry, almost every climber will be able to check it even from a distance.Takes two gestures to fail - If you undo the last “pass through” of the follow through, you would still have a complete knot that won’t come un