AMGA SPI Assessment

AMGA SPI Assessment

Date: October 08 - October 09, 2019

Course Category: AMGA SPI Assessment    

Location: Kentucky

Instructor: Karsten Delap

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The SPI Assessment can be taken directly following the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course if the candidate successfully completed the course and meets the Assessment pre-requisites. However, it is highly recommended that the SPI Course graduate takes time practicing an the skills learned on the course before assessment (6-12 months).

You meet the SPI Assessment Prerequisites if: 

  • You have successfully completed an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course, AMGA Top Rope Site Manager Course, or AMGA Rock Guide Course at anytime in the past.
  • You have trad lead climbed a minimum of 40 graded rock climbing routes. A large number of these should be at 5.6 grade and hopefully on a variety of rock types.
  • You are capable of comfortably lead climbing 5.6 traditional routes (leader placing protection). You will demonstrate your leading ability on a variety of routes on the assessment.
  • You are capable of comfortably climbing 5.8 while on a top rope.