Rock Climbing 401 – Multi-pitch Lead Climbing

Rock Climbing 401 – Multi-pitch Lead Climbing

Date: June 15 - June 16, 2024

Course Category: Rock Climbing 401-Multi-Pitch Lead Climbing    

Location: North Carolina

Instructor: Forrest Stavish

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The two-day Multi-pitch Lead Climbing Course is aimed at any climber who is currently climbing multi-pitch and wants to refine their skills or a climber leading single pitch climbs who wants to step into the world of multi-pitch climbing. The course looks at the skills taught to guides and covers a myriad of techniques aimed at making you a more efficient and more competent multi-pitch climber. The course will also get some great climbs in too!


  • The key skill: TRANSITIONS, moving from leader to belaying the second and back to leader (or swapping leads) quickly
  • Guide book/topo interpretation and route finding skills
  • Anchor considerations in multi-pitch terrain
  • Belay station management, considerations and tricks to speed things up
  • Belaying options: plates, locking devices and hitches. Redirects, direct and indirect belays
  • Rope management and working with the single rope
  • Dealing with terrain problems such as traverses, roofs, arêtes, climbing and protecting these features for the leader and second
  • Climbing equipment selection: the climbing rack and extra equipment that should be carried on a multi-pitch climb
  • Multi-pitch rappelling considerations

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