Sport Climbing Clinic-Comprehensive Gym to Crag

Sport Climbing Clinic-Comprehensive Gym to Crag

Date: March 21 - March 22, 2020

Course Category: Sport Climbing    

Location: Kentucky

Instructor: Doug Lutz

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Our Sport Climbing Clinic is a comprehensive “Gym to Crag” course designed to take you from lead climbing in the gym to safely setting up outdoor climbs on your own. We conduct this course in the nation’s premier sport climbing venue, the spectacular Red River Gorge of Kentucky. A few hours drive from most places in the Eastern US, the Red is the home of thousands of sport routes of all grades and is hands down the ideal place to transition from the gym to outdoor sport climbing.


The Sport Climbing Clinic will cover everything you need to know to become an independent outdoor sport climber in your transition from gym to crag. By the end of the course, you will have led and cleaned several sport routes and be ready to tackle the crag on your own. Topics covered include the gear selection, the preferred orientation for hanging quickdraws, anchor building, efficient sport lead climbing technique, projecting, and anchor cleaning. We will also review lead belaying and common errors like back-clipping and z-clipping.


About the Instructor: Doug Lutz is an AMGA Certified Rock Instructor and elite-level sport climber with sends of some of the Red’s finest climbs like Table of Colors Direct (13b), Prometheus (13a), Shiva (13b), and God’s Own Stone (14a) and is well underway on his current project, Lucifer (14c). While Doug enjoys the hard send, he is equally passionate about helping climbers of all abilities push themselves to achieve their best and loves helping new climbers get outside on their own.


Prerequisites: Indoor lead climbing certification and the ability to lead 5.8 indoor climbs.


Course Length: Two days


Cost*: $350

2: $500 per person (two to one instructor, two days)

1: $650 (one to one instructor)

*The costs are based on the actual number of participants on the course. Courses normally run at 3+ people but in the event the courses run with fewer people, the costs will be as shown above. Participants who do not wish to take the course with low numbers (because of the cost) can change their course to another date.