FMG Summer Camp 2014 Recap

FMG Summer Camp 2014 Recap

July 21, 2016 foxmountain_adminGuiding Rock Climbing

Our first summer camp of the season was a great success! Campers started this exciting week with a quick session at the Nose Area of Looking Glass on arrival day, which prepared them for some serious crushing at the South Face on Monday. Taking a break from ropes, they pushed themselves on the boulders at Rumbling Bald Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday campers covered hundreds of feet rock multi-pitch climbing at Looking Glass and Table Rock. Camper Cathy Kramer even got to lead the first pitch of the “Cave Route” at Table Rock! Camp ended with a fun day of top roping at Rumbling Bald on Friday where campers tried hard on climbs like “Frosted Flake.”

Regular Camp B with Ron

Sunday started what would become a trend for the week- water soloing, or climbing ropeless on boulders overhanging swimming holes. Campers’ incentive not to fall was the icy water below! Monday and Tuesday camp went top roping at the North Side of Looking Glass and at Cedar Rock. At Cedar Rock, camper Davis picked “Glass Dancer” for Ron’s instructor challenge- an opportunity for campers to choose any route they want to see an instructor climb. Ron took the rope to the top and campers enjoyed the climb throughout the day. An excursion to the Grandmother boulders in Boone filled up Wednesday while Thursday was camp’s “South Face Assault”- all 9 campers went up 5 whole pitches of climbing as a single group. Friday’s rain couldn’t stop the fun- camp went bouldering at Rumbling Bald and got muddy doing obstacles down the trail.

Regular Camp B campers on top of a boulder at Grandmother in Boone, NC Regular Camp B campers on top of a boulder at Grandmother in Boone, NC

Senior Camp with Travis

Climbers warmed up for their week on Sunday with some climbing at the Nose Area of Looking Glass. Unfortunately, a rainy Monday meant being sent indoors to the climbing gym but the campers made the most of it and put down some really fun lines. They also used the downtime to strengthen their technical skills with the resources of Fox’s indoor classroom and Travis’ instruction. Clearer weather on Tuesday meant some fun and challenging climbing at the North Side of Looking Glass on climbs like “The Seal,” “Killer Whales” and “Invisible Airwaves.” Some multi-pitch climbing at Table Rock on Wednesday prepped campers for the Thursday blitz of the “Nose“- 12 people up 4 pitches in 1:37:56! Even after this impressive feat, our campers were still psyched on Friday when they continued to push themselves at Rumbling Bald by doing mock leads on “Fruit Loops” and climbing challenging routes like “Shredded Wheat.”

Senior Camp at the summit of The Nose after their speed ascent Senior Camp at the summit of The Nose after their speed ascent

Delicious meals and great company throughout all the camps made it difficult to say goodbye but we hope to see some familiar faces next summer! Learn more about FMG Summer Camps.

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