Showa Gloves for Ice Climbing: Two (Blue) Thumbs Up

Showa Gloves for Ice Climbing: Two (Blue) Thumbs Up

February 12, 2022 fmg-adminAlpine & Ice Climbing Gear Reviews

Shopping for climbing gear can be overwhelming, and ice climbing gloves are no exception. Most gloves designed for ice climbing are quite expensive and never seem to perform as advertised. Over the years I have gone through several pairs of gloves, and I felt like I was always searching for a pair that didn’t exist. During last year’s ice season I noticed several climbers including other guides wearing blue gloves that I found out were actually designed for fishing. At first I was suspicious, but I decided to give them a try after learning they were only $25 a pair. 

Those popular blue gloves are the Showa Temres 282. They’re a waterproof and breathable glove designed for people who work in cold and wet environments. They have a waterproof flexible outer layer with a rough grip. This works well for holding onto ice tools, minimizing the chance of dropping them. The inside of the glove has a warm, fleece-like lining that is soft and insulating. They have an ergonomic design which fits well to your hand. This is a huge benefit when clipping carabiners or tying knots . To top it off they are $25 per pair so they won’t break the bank. Instead of paying $100 for one pair of a name-brand glove, you can buy four pairs of the Showa Temres 282 without sacrificing comfort or function.

Our ice climbing guides have been putting these gloves through the paces at our annual New Hampshire ice climbing program and have given them a resounding two (blue) thumbs up! Give them a try, and drop a comment to let me know what you think!

Forrest Stavish
AMGA Assistant Rock Guide, Ice Instructor, WEMT-B

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