The Grove Park Inn

The Grove Park Inn

September 30, 2021 fmg-adminTravel Recommendations and Tips

When our guests book rock climbing trips, they often ask us for recommendations for other things to do in the area. Climbing may be their main objective, but they also want to know what other “must do” activities we suggest. We recently had someone who will be staying in Asheville over the Christmas holiday book a day of climbing, and he asked what else he could do with the rest of his family while he’s in town. We hands down recommend a trip to the Grove Park Inn, which is ALWAYS spectacular, but is particularly wonderful at Christmastime.

During the holidays, the Grove Park transforms into a winter wonderland. In addition to festive decorations, they host the annual National Gingerbread House Competition and even had a life-size gingerbread house last year, filling the entire lobby with the wonderful smells of the holidays. Between that, and offering some of the best views in the area from its Sunset Terrace, the Grove Park Inn is something everyone should experience.

Grove Park Inn at night.
Grove Park Inn Sunset Terrace
Whether day or night, the Sunset Terrace at the Grove Park Inn provides some of the best views in Asheville.

While it can be pretty pricey to stay there (especially during the holidays), you can still enjoy the best of Grove Park by just having lunch or dinner at one of their great restaurants. People with dining reservations can tour the hotel just like registered guests. You can grab a cocktail at The Great Hall Bar and enjoy it on the terrace, taking in the magnificent views; you see the entries for the gingerbread house competition that are dispersed throughout the main floor of the hotel; or you can relax in a rocking chair in front of the fire in one of the two massive stone fireplaces in their lobby.

If you are visiting the Asheville area, especially during the holidays, we definitely suggest that you check out the Grove Park Inn. It’s a great addition to any other activities, rock climbing or otherwise, that you have planned for your trip!

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