Rock Climbing 101

Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing

Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing is hands down our most popular course! This two-day group course is designed for people wanting to learn the foundational skills necessary to begin climbing outdoors by themselves. It is the ideal course for those looking to go from “gym to crag.”

We cover everything from outdoor climbing movement and correct belay techniques to top rope set ups and anchors to climbing equipment selection, use, and storage. This course is also a great foundation for participants who wish to move onto our more in-depth Rock Climbing 201.

The course will be based at our headquarters in Brevard, NC (unless otherwise arranged). Our courses are taught by professional, credentialed instructors who hold AMGA certification. These instructors have worked as a team to create and continually improve our course curriculum to ensure you will be gaining the most up-to-date information out there. Our goal is to empower you with the skills and knowledge to become an independent climber.

Topics Covered:

  • Knots and rope work skills
  • Belaying, both top rope and lead
  • Communication and terminology
  • Climbing equipment. Showing you what you need, what you don’t need as well as storage and correct use
  • Anchor anatomy (no gear placements, see Rock Climbing 201 Course for advanced anchors with cams, stoppers, etc.)
  • Understanding guide books, climbing ‘topos’ and deciphering climbing grades
  • Climbing history, ethics and, Leave No Trace wilderness skills
  • Debunking common climbing myths
  • Lots of climbing!

Number on course: Maximum of 6:1 client to instructor ratio
Course length: Two days
Course dates:  See the Course Schedule
Cost*: $450
2: $570 per person (two to one instructor, two days)
1: $730 per person (one to one instructor, two days)

*The costs are based on the actual number of participants on the course. Courses normally run at 3+ people but in the event the courses run with fewer people the costs will be as shown above. Participants that do not wish to take the course with low numbers (because of the cost) can change their course to another date. The upside to lower numbers is of course a more personal course.

Course Schedule