Military Training

Military Training

Fox Mountain Guides has provided military training for almost two decades here in the Southeast and also with units based elsewhere in the United States such as Colorado and California. We specialize in creating custom mountaineering and climbing rescue training programs from a few days to multiple weeks and can offer any mountain or high angle rescue training required anywhere in the United States.

We have offered mountaineering training for the following military groups:

  • Special Forces, 3rd and 7th Group
  • 82nd Airborne
  • Marine Corps
  • Army Rangers

Fox Mountain Guides provided our unit with expert mountaineering training. Using Fox allowed our teams to train together using practical and modern techniques to negotiate mountainous terrain without the administrative requirements and restrictions of a military course. The guides are extremely knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend Fox to any military unit especially those working in small teams with a non-conventional mission set.”

~ CPT K., 18th Airborne Corps Long Range Surveillance Company

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