Fox Mountain Guides offers mountaineering courses in both New Hampshire and North Carolina. Whether your objective is to climb Mt. Washington or train for a larger objective in the Western United States or abroad, our mountaineering programs are tailored to help you achieve your goals.

New Hampshire Mountaineering

Do you need to know how to burrow out a tent platform in thirty mile an hour winds or learn to navigate in white out conditions? Our instructors will take you up to Mount Washington, where the snow is deep from December until March, and show you how to live, eat, and travel efficiently.

Our New Hampshire Course is a skills packed three day program designed to improve your knowledge and skills for winter mountaineering objectives. This program is based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Participants will spend at least one night camping in the mountains. In this program we will cover fast and light movement tactics and technical systems, putting together objectives that cover thousands of feet of terrain, teaching you that efficiency is one of your greatest risk management tools in the big mountains.

mountaineering expedition

This course is perfect for those seeking to tackle alpine and mountaineering objectives and gain a solid foundation in mountaineering skills.

Topics Covered:

  • Planning, preparation, and equipment selection
  • Winter camping skills
  • Mountain weather interpretation
  • Risk management
  • Basic snow and ice climbing techniques
  • Mountain navigation and route finding
  • Glacier travel techniques and crevasse rescue

What’s included:

All technical equipment (ice tools, boots, crampons)

Dates: February 16-18, 2024

Price: $900 (2:1 ratio)

$1200 (1:1)

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North Carolina Mountaineering

North Carolina provides many options for the aspiring mountaineer. In the winter, our conditions are so variable that we can do anything from steep climbs multi-pitch climbs over snow and ice that require crampons to technical rock in mountaineering boots.

linville gorge mountaineering

Being blessed with the several of the tallest rock faces on the East Coast, we are also the perfect training ground for larger mountaineering objectives. Each year we have clients spend multiple days with our guides training to climb peaks like Mt. Whitney, Mt. Rainier, and the Matterhorn.

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