Half and Full Day Trips, Guided and Private Instruction

Please read though all the following information carefully and save this page or print it off now for your records. Your guide will contact you once via email or phone before this booking (unless it is a last minute booking then they may not have chance to). Please call 1-888-284-8433 or email the office or your guide if you have any questions about your booking.

Cancellation Policies: To have made this booking you must have already read and agreed to our cancellation policies. Please click here to review these policies if you wish and contact the FMG office if you have any questions.

Travel Insurance: We strongly suggest you look into ‘travel insurance’ as this may protect you from losing your money if you have to cancel your booking.

Guides’ Contact Information: Click here for a list of our guides’ email and cell phone numbers.

What To Bring:

  • Good hiking shoes (no sandals, Crocs, etc)
  • Clothes appropriate for the season. You may wear shorts or long pants if you wish. Wear clothing to be ‘active’ in and water proof jackets are a good idea on all trips. Bring a sun hat for summer trips and for colder months bring insulating fleece layers, gloves, and a fleece hat would be good additions to your gear.
  • Water, about 2l a person especially in summer months.
  • High energy snacks and for full day trips a high energy lunch.
  • Sun block and bug repellent.
  • Any personal medications (e.g. medications for asthma, anaphylactic if you are severely reactive to bee stings, etc)
  • Small backpack for all above items.

What To Expect:

  • You will meet the guide and get fitted for all required equipment (if you have your own the guide will inspect it at this time).
  • After a short 20 min drive to the trailhead you will hike through the forest between 20-30 minutes depending on which area you are climbing.
  • After briefing on safety precautions and etiquette you will put on the equipment and get ready to climb.
  • You may be doing a half or full day of top roping or more advanced multipitch climbing or private instruction depending on your booking type.
  • There are no bathrooms at the climbing site or trailhead so please try and go before meeting the guide if possible.
  • Cell phones will not work at the climbing site.
  • No dogs on trips please.

Tips for a successful trip; final check list:

  • Read all the information carefully
  • Review your meeting location, date and time. Please allow extra time so you will arrive on time to maximize your day
  • Make a note of your guides cell phone number
  • Review directions and print them out for your trip
  • Download the FMG Waiver. Please print one for each participant and bring them with you. Review the information and call or email the FMG office if you have any questions. Parents/Guardians must sign any participants waiver under the age of 18 years old.
  • Look into ‘trip insurance’ as this may protect you from loosing your money if you have to cancel your trip for any reason.

Extra Information and Frequently Asked Questions:

Transport: It is your responsibility for your own transportation to and from the Trail Head.

Camping and Food: Camping and food costs are not included in any of the multiple day courses we offer.

Emergency Information: Please be aware that advanced medical care is normally over an hour away from the climbing and course sites, cell phones mostly do not work in the areas that the courses are run. All medical concerns, old injuries, and medications should be discussed with the Guide prior to the course or day of guiding.

Readiness for Climbing: Please arrive at your outing rendezvous in a state of physical and mental readiness.  Severe sleep deprivation, drug and alcohol use, and undisclosed medical conditions will greatly impair your ability to participate in a climbing outing and may create risks that will be difficult for your guide or instructor to manage.  Please do not consume drugs or alcohol within 12 hours of your climbing outing. Alcohol consumption and drug use are forbidden while on the trip.

Payment: We will charge your outstanding balance to the card you placed the original order on unless otherwise instructed. You may also pay the balance at any time before the trip by sending a check to: Fox Mountain Guides, PO Box 1445, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768.. Please include a note saying for whom the payment is for, what type of guiding or course and dates of booking. Please make checks payable to “Fox Mountain Guides, LLC”. There is a $30 service charge for all returned checks.

Tips: Clients may wish to tip their guide, and while this is never expected it is always greatly appreciated. Many clients call the office to ask “how much should I tip?” Tips in the guiding industry are similar to those in other service industries, with 20% being typical for a great day. Please note that it is not possible to add a tip to your balance when paying with a credit card or check made payable to Fox Mountain Guides. If you do wish to tip your guide, you may do so with cash or a personal check made payable to the guide.